The Kennels

Transportation – PetPort which is an international pet transport Company uses our establishment for dogs in transit. Should you require assistance with collection or delivery in Cape Town, phone them on 021 824 5288.

We have 32 kennels of which 8 are really spacious (some big enough to house a family of 5 dogs), so book early to secure these ones. The others are large and some a bit smaller which suit the small breeds, who feel more secure and comfortable in a small space. We have 19 additional "overflow" kennels which we mainly use during our peak holiday periods



Standard kennel is +/- 15sqm

Extra large luxury kennels vary from 20 to 50sqm - a surcharge of R50 per day per kennel

Communal run area is 280sqm

Overflow kennel is 4.5m x 1.5m


DAILY TARIFFS (as of  01/03/24 to 01/03/25)

R130.00 for small dog per day

R140.00 for medium dog per day

R150.00 for large dog per day

This tariff is from day of arrival and includes day of departure.

Our bank details are on our admission form which can be downloaded from this site.

Fees are payable in advance and a 50% deposit may be required to secure your booking in busy periods. This deposit is nonrefundable if the booking is cancelled less than three weeks before check in date.

A discount of 10% will be considered for 3 dogs or more or for a stay of over 30 days.

This rate includes food. We feed the dogs ProDog Elite which seems to agree with all breeds, but if your pet is on a special diet this may be supplied by the owner.

Any medication can be administered by our capable team.



We have become renowned for long term stays. Dogs are happy and well adjusted when they leave, even after being with us for 18month. No-one likes to be away from their pets (never mind out the country) while relocating and trying to find accommodation, but you can be assured that we will give your dogs their much needed love and attention and will keep you updated with video and everything to do with your pet while they are in transit.

A discount is offered for stays over 30 days.



5 IN 1 annual vaccinations - Maximum of 12 months before booking. All puppies must have had their 3 puppy vaccinations before they will be admitted. i.e. 1st vaccination at 8 weeks, 2nd vacc @ 12 weeks 3rd vacc @ 16 weeks then yearly after that. PLEASE NOTE: We will not accept any pet who has been inoculated less than 2 weeks before arrival at the kennels.

Rabies - vaccinations must be administered no less that 14 days prior to check in.

Kennel Cough - please note that the kennel cough vaccine is not included in the standard annual vaccinations and must be specifically requested at your vet.

Originals of your pet's vaccination certificate is required before check in.

Please make sur eyour pets are on Tick and Flea medication as we are rural.


We have to be strict with these requirements for the safety of your pet and the others in the kennels. Thank you for your cooperation.